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Next to do the colleague these days leave, said he is going to Berlin for our honeymoon and his wife, he said he was under the initial capital, set the hotel is five star luxury hotels in Berlin, before they travel to other places when, early booking hotel, are some of the price comparison preferential conditions, almost, did not expect this he did this to set the five star luxury hotels in Berlin, he said this is his wife first tour, he wanted to make his wife very memorable, but this time they married his wife is also very tired, want to take this time relax, I heard friends say five star luxury hotels in Berlin is very good, he booked

After coming to Taipei we were tired out so it was found the Taipei four star hotel, in fact, when we start also don’t know Taipei and Taipei four star! I still see on the website at that time so booked two rooms, now like to really lucky ah! If there was no predetermined now really is a very troublesome thing, because now is the peak tourist season, so will not advance reservation if possible to Taipei later there will be no place to stay, so now I am very grateful for this Taipei four star hotel, be not it we may not live to such a Ok Hotel!


都上班好幾年了,我的職場英文還這麼差。昨天下班之前,老闆叫我進去談話了,說是讓我再下班之餘多下點功夫學習職場英文 ,我覺得老闆說的也是。每天下班,我就知道跟我的好姐妹們出去玩,卻忘了學習職場英文。所以哦才會導致我現在的職場英文水平越來越差。經理說的我無地自容啊!對於我這個從國外留學回來的留學生,被上級說我專業水平差,心裡真不是滋味。於是我就在心裡暗暗發誓,從現在開始我要好好學習職場英文,到時候一定讓經理滿意。

我老公說她下個禮拜要去台灣出差,我就給他說讓他回來的時候買些台灣特產台北 鳳梨酥回來,因為我娘家的媽媽特別愛吃,有一次我家鄰居阿姨給媽媽拿了一些台北 鳳梨酥,她吃了之後,說非常好吃。想著要是自己有機會去台灣的話,一定要學台北 鳳梨酥的做法。我有時候就說我媽媽怎麼這麼好吃呀。我媽媽從我記事起,就經常給我們做各種各樣的好吃的,媽媽說從小姥姥就教她做各種美食,因為姥姥是個廚師嘛!所以媽媽就比較貪,在我認為貪吃也不是件壞事情,既然媽媽喜歡吃,那我這個做女兒的就盡量滿足她。

I and my friends went to Hualian to play, played a bit big, evening we at Hualien accommodation a night, the second day morning, we there are a person also asked how we will be in the Hualien accommodation, we all laughed, all want to think of one evening play so Hi, which has the strength to go back ah, we’re inside a drink, not many people, for we find a Hualien accommodation hotel, brought us all to Hualien accommodation place, if not his words, that night I was not know how to live, and now want to and that together play, is certainly not

This time the Ximending boutique hotel is a friend introduced me to, if not his words, I do not know where to go. Because this is my first time to Taipei, in Taipei he is not too familiar with, in order to work to also have no way, but to a hasty, have their own lives which are not considered good, has arrived in Taipei and I realized this problem, and later to call for help. Because I know my friends often travel to Taipei he was sure to side with, and later a friend gave me said the Ximending boutique hotel good, and friends help me book the Ximending boutique hotel on the internet. But Ximending boutique hotel from my work location is near.


If you went to Taipei could not find a place to live what to do, this is before I meet, because in such a hurry, no hotel, go after the foolish eye, because the unfamiliar, do not know where the hotel. Fortunately, a clerk told me I could from the Taipei hotel near MRT above check Hotel, Taipei hotel near MRT can be very convenient to choose the location of the hotel, so you don’t have to worry about the problem of traffic is not convenient. For the first time to Taipei friends is the most appropriate, I finally found a very good hotel in Taipei hotel near MRT, is really helped me a lot, the hotel’s location is very good, travel is very convenient.

I can now in Hualien Hotel work really is I have not thought of, I felt as though I was working in the hotel but the hotel where I used to just an ordinary four-star hotel ah, but now we face here the best five-star hotel I was really nervous! Although I am just a small attendant inside this but I will be nervous! I feel I have the interview really is that they give me the opportunity, I also did not have the opportunity to the Hualien Hotel! I will work hard, hope Hualien Hotel can grow and develop, we follow these employees will also enjoy more benefits, I really look forward to that day!